Pool Services for: Fort Collins • Loveland • Timnath • Windsor

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Who is A&B?

A&B began managing pools in 2009.

Our company’s focus is to partner with neighborhoods, establishing a long-term relationship with the Board and patrons wherein all parties benefit from great staff, beautiful water, and frequent communication. We like to hear when people from other neighborhoods visit our pools and tell their hosts how great the guards are, and how beautiful the water and facility look.

Our senior staff includes folks with decades of experience managing pools, working with young people, and bring a wide variety of outside experience to pool management. Our senior staff visit the pools every day to ensure that lifeguards and technicians have all the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.

Our lifeguards, technicians are pool managers are second to none. Our pool managers and lifeguards are the best of the best. We work hard to keep our staff for the long-term, providing financial incentives, increasing responsibility, and offering bonuses for staff referrals. We consistently work to improve our skills through training, mentoring and in-services. We run our own Red Cross classes so the staff can train together.

A&B’s technicians visit the pools every day. Their understanding of the equipment at their pools, their ability to make adjustments in real-time allow us to provide consistent pool chemistry and equipment monitoring.

Based on comments from patrons at our pools, we think our company and management philosophies have worked well. Our staff is well-liked and our guards are appreciated by guests from other neighborhoods who are impressed by our guards’ politeness, attentiveness, and conscientiousness. Guests are impressed to see them not only guarding attentively, but hard at work on their daily chores when they are not on the stand. Our lesson instructors and swim team coaches receive consistently high marks from parents. We have also been told numerous times the pool water has never looked better. By developing a long-term relationship with our clients we learn our pools and our neighborhoods and ways we can continually improve our service. We are always striving to get better at our jobs, and to make sure we are on top of the latest technology, and methods to provide. From technology to training, we work to make sure we improve service to our clients.